Client Solutions

Accomplished Problem Solvers

The best way to get to know Cyber Financial Solutions is to understand how we problem solve. These case studies are just a few of the many challenges our clients faced, and how our outsourcing team resolved them with successful, targeted solutions.

Inefficient Financial Records
A successful client owned several unrelated businesses, with the finances of each handled by separate financial managers. Obtaining information was tedious and time consuming, as well as frustrating.

The Cyber Solution
Our Cyber team consolidated the entrepreneur’s financial information. With one financial manager and process, communications improved, cash flow was easier to access, and the efficient reporting system ensured uniform financial statements.

Partnering Clients In Different Industries
A service client was looking for a way to reach out to the community that aligned with the corporate philosophy as well as their business model.

The Cyber Solution
Upon hearing the need while taking part in a client’s management meeting, Cyber immediately matched up the philanthropic business owner with another Cyber client—a nonprofit looking for a way to grow their electronic recycling business. The match, which continues today, is a win-win for both.

Customizing Finance Reports
The software package a retail client used provided simple financial statements, not robust enough for their reporting needs.

The Cyber Solution
We developed a financial reporting system for the retailer which went beyond off-the-shelf software. Our client went from a four-page financial statement to a 12-page report, complete with custom metrics and graphs.

Improving Cash Collections & Bad Debt
A direct mail company’s accounts receivable system was causing delayed billing and follow up, resulting in slow collections and spiraling bad debt.

The Cyber Solution
After evaluating the accounts receivable cycle, we recommended a variety of changes in their process, including changing terms, invoice dates and collection procedures which immediately reduced bad debt. We also recommended that they outsource these accounting functions giving the staff freedom to focus on their business and sales.